Auto Server

Auto server

  •  Auto server with many configuration options and multiple datacenter in Vietnam and Singapore. With cheap server rental service, customers will enjoy the following utilities:
  •  Free genuine DirectAdmin license.
  •  Server is located at datacenter Viettel/VNPT or Singapore
  •  You will be handed over server administration rights.
  •  Unlimited traffic bandwidth transmission. Support 24/7/365 and commit to reply within maximum 15 minutes in any time.
  •  Free KVM online.
  •  The cost does not include software licensing fees such as OS, License...
  •   Server Intel/Dell/IBM.

Why should you choose server at vHost


Free trial

vHost will support you try within 01 days to check quality of the services before you decide to pay for the services.


Auto server deployment

The server will be automatically activated based on the OS you have registered. Activation time only takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on the OS.

Piggy Bank

Payment monthly

vHost support minimum payment of 1 month, applies for all servers at the datacenter: Viettel, Singapore and VNPT.


Web Console

Using the server service at vHost, you can actively turn on/off the server through a simple, easy to use web interface and monitor network graphs, consoles online without having to email or call.

Price List of Dedicated Server

CPURAMStoragePromotionCostActivation timeDatacenter
1 x E5-2407  4 Core 2.20 GHz8GB250GB SSDFree DirectAdmin$50.00/Month15 - 30 minuteViettel
1 x E3-1230  8 Core 3.2 GHz8GB250GB SSDFree DirectAdmin$50.00/Month15 - 30 minuteViettel
1 x E5-2620 12 core 2.00Ghz16GB 2 x 600GB SASFree DirectAdmin$70.83/Month15 - 30 minuteViettel
2 x X5650 24 core 2.67Ghz8GB250GB SSDFree DirectAdmin$62.50/Month15 - 30 minuteViettel
2 x E5-2670 32 core 2.6Ghz32GB2 x 500GB SSDFree DirectAdmin$79.17/Month15 - 30 minuteViettel
2 x L5520 16 core 2.26Ghz8GB250GB SSDFree DirectAdmin$50.00/Month15 - 30 MinuteVNPT
2 x X5650 24 core 2.67Ghz32GB250GB SSDFree DirectAdmin$70.83/Month15 - 30 minuteVNPT
2 x X5650 24 core 2.67Ghz32GB2 x 500GB SSDFree DirectAdmin$270.83/month15 - 30 minuteSingapore
2 x X5650 24 core 2.67Ghz32GB2 x 600GB SASFree DirectAdmin$270.83/Month15 - 30 minuteSingapore
2 x E5-2670 32 core 2.6Ghz32GB2 x 500GB SSDFree DirectAdmin$312.50/Month15 - 30 minuteSingapore

Call to action:


Sales StaffPhone
1Ms An0911 806 991
2Ms Uyen0911 806 992
3Ms Linh0911 806 994
4Ms Nhung0911 806 995
5Ms Loan0911 806 996
6Mr Thinh0911 806 998

Information about Network

DatacenterFree bandwidth comesAdd bandwidth charges
VNPT100Mbps1.500.000 vnđ/100Mbps
Viettel IDC100Mbps1.500.000 vnđ/100Mbps
Singapore5Mbps burstable to 100Mbps (*)470.000 vnđ/1Mbps



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