Private Cloud

Private Cloud

  •  Private Cloud as know as Dedicated Cloud, that is a virtual server and provide for customers a creation and divide tool and many VPS on one or many dedicated server.
  •  Private Cloud accept to migrate servers between others dedicated servers but they'll not be delayed process and commit to uptime 99.9%.
  •  You can upgrade or downgrade configuration VPS with some click through website.
  •  KVM Powered
  •  Redundant 10Gbps Fiber network
  •  Tier3 Datacenter
  •  Storage with protection up to 300%.

Why should you choose Private Cloud in vHost?


Flexible to upgrade

vHost using virtual technology KVM, you can upgrade or downgrade configuration VPS with some click through website


Uptime 99.9%

We guarateed 99.9% uptime with clearly Service Level Agreement. If you faced a problem, please submit your request to our helpdesk then we will give you a credit.

Piggy Bank

High availability

The system is built follow as standardize of Cloud Server technology, when they have any problem in the system, the services will be migrated into others server to continue active


Distribution Storage

We use distribution storage technology and build on top of Storage Enterprise class with protection up to 300%. You can upgrade your VPS storage to 33TB at your click

oneNODE plans

Do you need customized configuration?

HA Node plans


1GB SAN SSD Enterprise $0.2
1GB SAN HDD Enterprise $0.1
01 IP Address - WAN $2.5
01 IP Address - LAN Free
License Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 $7.5