Along with the development of information technology, the use of various types of cyber attacks to achieve specific purposes can cause server disruption or unstable operation affecting business results. reduce reputation in the eyes of customers and lose customers due to poor service operation.

AntiDDoS is a service built and developed on the Scrubbing Center platform researched and built by vHost itself. Scrubbing Center is a central system used to analyze and remove malicious traffic including DDoS, known and exploited vulnerabilities, hacked IP sources on the dangerous list ( bad IP reputation) before entering the server. The system proactively detects immediately and automatically offers appropriate forms of prevention when encountering cyber attacks in various forms to help your website and application still operate stably and without interruption. interruption.






Why choose AntiDDoS at vHost?

Attack detection time is less than 1 second immediately after being attacked.

Time to automatically give a form of blocking less than 2 seconds after being attacked.

Support AntiDDos even when not using Server at vHost.

Get an alert as soon as the service is hacked.

Get report file and analysis right after the attack ends.

Protection bandwidth up to 1Tbps

More questions about AntiDDoS service?

Triple Detection

Netflow Detection

The average detection time is between 35 and 125 seconds.

Packet Detection

Attack traffic detection time is less than 1 second.

SNMP Detection

Detection time > 5 seconds

Triple Mitigation

Hardware Offload

vHost uses specialized hardware to offload attack traffic directly from the network card without consuming server CPU resources.

Edge Mitigation

The Edge Router system is equipped and protects the server system from volumetric attacks before the attack traffic enters the server and affects the customer's network.


Can filter all attack patterns including block by country, packet payload, source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port, IP protocols, bad IP reputation, invalid IP headers, ICMP types, common Time To Live values, packet lengths, packet payloads, country, DNS Transaction ID, etc.

More questions about Scrubbing Center?

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