Managed Services

Managed Services

The average cost of personnel operating the IT system is increasing, especially in recent years. With an average salary of about 1200 USD – 2000 USD/month, you just have an IT staff who has some basic skills and he’s not ability to manage the whole system such as: knowledge of server hardware, knowledge of each type of operating system (OS), network configuration at the most optimal level, analyzing the database to find out bottlenecks, application analytics, understand the problems that businesses are facing to solve problems and optimize monthly operating costs for the company. Besides, if you would like to build a support 24/7/365 team to manage the system active 24/7/365 and when you have urgent case, they’ll support immediately, so you do not build base on a person, you need to have a team with many shift-work in the day. Understand the problems and operational costs of businesses, to support businesses vHost launches professional management services and support 24/7/365.

Monthly Pricing

We will reject VPS/server services that is handover for another person. Because this is related to responsibility in working, vHost will not solve problems of that VPS. Instead, vHost will work with this customer to solve.

1. Backup data 2. Reinstall VPS 3. Restore data

The cost for the above 3 jobs will be calculated according to the price list below. After your system has been cleaned and secured, you can use the monthly administration service as above.

Professional VPS/Server management service

The program applies only to customers using VPS/Server at vHost

Price list as required

Reinstall the operating systemFree for available templates. Custom ISO $25.00/time$25.00/time(free for the server is required within 24 hours of delivery)
Set up control panel (Customers are responsible for copyright costs)$75.00/time1,500,000 vnđ/time
Support checking resources of VPS/ServerFree$25.00
Support for checking errors related to the system (not include source code)$75.00/time and no more than 1 hour (From the second hour, it costs $100.00/hour)$75.00/time and no more than 1 hour (From the second hour, it costs $100.00/hour)
Backup database$50.00/time$50.00/time
Backup source code$50.00/time$50.00/lần
Restore source code or database$50.00/time$50.00/time
Configure and customize parameters of webserver or PHP library$50.00/time
NoVNC / KVM ConsoleFree
Setup and configure firewall CSF$75.00/time$75.00/time
Other softwarePlease submit a request and specify the job to get a quotePlease submit a request and specify the job to get a quote