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Virtual Phone Service (V-PBX)

  •  V-PBX is a phone service hosted on modern IP to provide our clients high quality calls with the lowest cost.
  •  With V-PBX you can make calls with IP Phone, softphone that installed on your laptop, smartphone or between analog telephones.
  •  Saving cost for internal call between different departments.
  •  Enterprises no longer need to maintain workforce for switchboard management.
  •  System administration and configuration setups can be modified on internet browsers, using available intranet.
  •  Our service is suitable with most enterprise type and help saving workforce management cost, as well as system maintenance expenses.
  •  Unlimited incoming & outgoing calls comparing with traditional mobile phones.
  •  Can be extended swiftly and easily without being independent of mobile network operators.


  • Discount lifetime 20%
  • Give away 5 IP Phone Grandstream GXP1610
  • Give away 1 SIP Trunking 710x.xxxx



  • 10 extensions
  • Initialization fee: $25.00


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  • 30 extensions
  • Initialization fee: $25.00


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  • 50 extensions
  • Initialization fee: $25.00


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  •  The above price list does not include 10% VAT
  •  The cost above is a 20% discount.

Send request to vHost

If you need support, please send a request to vHost.vn here

VOIP Feature

1Simultaneous call / receiveYes
2Auto reply (IVR)Customer self recording
3Play waiting ringtoneYes
4Incoming call, outgoing call, internal callYes
5Call transferYes
6Routing, automatic call allocation (ACD)Yes
7Show number calledYes
8Record a callYes
9Record message (Voice Mail)Yes
10Listen again, delete a callYes
11Call logsYes
12Group callsYes
13Triple conversationalYes
14Conference callYes
15Softphone supportYes
16Unlimited extensionsYes
17Full management systemYes
18Handover time VOIP2 days

IP Phone and Gateway

SẻialDescription UnitQuantilyPrice
1IP Phone Grandstream GXP1610per01850.000 VNĐ
2Grandstream GXW4004 FXS IP Analog Gateway (4port)per013.700.000 VNĐ
3Grandstream GXW4008 FXS IP Analog Gateway (8port)per015.700.000 VNĐ
4Mobile sim plug devicePort01350.000 VNĐ/tháng


  •  Free delivery in Ho Chi Minh City
  •  Delivery time: 7 working days from the date of order confirmation and payment of 50% of the order value, the remaining 50% of payment immediately after receipt of goods.
  •  Payment method: Cash or bank transfer.
  •  Warranty: Based on standard of providers
  •  Price may vary from time to time
  •  The above quotation does not include 10% VAT.



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