NVMe VPS service was born with great flexibility and data reading and writing speed to meet your requirements but still at a very reasonable cost. NVMe VPS provides the best performance for IT projects that have high traffic and require more complex queries.


NVMe - A

  • 1 Core E5 v4
  • 1GB RAM
  • 20GB NVMe SSD

NVMe - B

  • 2 Core E5 v4
  • 2GB RAM
  • 30GB NVMe SSD
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NVMe - C

  • 3 Core E5 v4
  • 3GB RAM
  • 40GB NVMe SSD

NVMe - D

  • 4 Core E5 v4
  • 4GB RAM
  • 50GB NVMe SSD

Why choose NVMe VPS at vHost?

Actively manage

With the interface available through the customer page. You can manage and access all services even if a mistake in the settings prevents the server from connecting, making your work easier and faster.

Uptime 99,9%

vHost commits that all NVMe VPS services always work uptime with a minimum commitment time of 99.9% with a clear compensation policy. Please refer to the compensation policy table if there is a problem.

Instantly active

You will receive service information immediately after payment is completed for NVMe VPS. Register online, pay online and receive service information in less than 30 seconds.

Premium Network

All servers are connected to a redundant 10Gbps network to provide top speed for both storage and internet uplink. All VPS Servers are guaranteed internet speed according to registration parameters.


You can refer to the following article to better understand the service: Difference between VPS and Cloud VPS.

Each NVMe VPS service is provided with 1 IPv4 and 1 independent IPv6.

When upgrading the NVMe VPS service, customers only need to pay the difference between the two service configurations, the resources will be expanded and the data will not be affected.

vHost’s service supports Floating IP and costs $5.00/month for this service

You can upgrade more domestic bandwidth and international bandwidth. You can contact the sales department for more advice and detailed pricing.

For Cloud VPS service you use Control Panels such as cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin .v.v. on both old and new servers, vHost can support data transfer completely free of charge.



NVMe supports more performance improvements than traditional solutions. The benefits you get include reduced latency and support for multiple queues.

Private Network

When using two or more servers, you can actively set up Private LAN Network directly on vHost's service administration page.

Weekly Backup

Cloud Server service will be backed up weekly and kept the most recent copy at independent backup servers. You can actively restore right at vHost's service administration page.


Services at vHost have Snapshot feature available so that you can actively store and manage files to help you easily manage and use the service.


vHost supports a free trial before paying. You can experience to check the quality of service immediately without having to pay any other costs.


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