In order to standardize operations according to international standards, legalize legal issues, software copyright, has signed a contract with Microsoft Global to deploy and apply Microsoft technologies at data centers. data from October 2015. See more at: At vHost you do not have to worry about paying large copyright costs from the beginning, instead you can pay monthly costs and save large initial costs from the beginning and still have be able to use valid software copyrights from Microsoft. See more Office 365 licenses here:


Microsoft Windows Server

Operating systemVPS InteralVPS ExternalServer
Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012 Standard Edition (register at least 8 licenses)$7.5/Month$10.00/Month$10.00/Month

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL VersionMonthly fee
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Web Edition (register at least 2 licenses)$68.75
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition (register at least 2 licenses)$647.35
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition (register at least 2 licenses)$2612.50

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