Plesk bring to customers who is a service provider a lot of useful, reliable and stable software systems. Many hosting companies in the world use Plesk as a model of Hosting Control Panel on Windows/Linux. Plesk Suite is available for both Windows & Linux. It’s the most comprehensive control panel solution for web hosting. Plesk is the only hosting management software intergrated web design features, storefront interface SaaS and Billing module. Plesk brings maximum profits to Web Hosting service provider.

Therefore Plesk is the top choice of service providers, web designers, IT professionals and business partners. Plesk provides a built-in Web Builder which can access hundred of web applications, it also allow you to create various plans that meet the diverse needs of customers. You can provide customers with website building tools, a range of Web applications, mobile websites, ultilities like DNS manager, SSL Certificates and more than that it increases Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU). Plesk is user friendly by it’s features which simplify the procedure of managing and troubleshooting. In fact, if you’re finding a solution to give your customers a simple but effective experience, you’ll find that it’s hard to look for a solution that’s better than Plesk. 


License TypeQuantity domainVPSServer
Plesk Web Admin Edition10 domains11.00 $/Month11.00 $/MonthOrder Now
Plesk Web Pro Edition30 domains16.50 $/Month16.50 $/MonthOrder Now
Plesk Web Host EditionUnlimited domain27.50 $/Month49.95 $/MonthOrder Now
Plesk Power Pack7.50 $/Month22.50 $/MonthOrder Now

Upgrade to Power Pack to unlock these features:

  •  Plesk Web Presence Builder 10 sites
  •  Plesk Kaspersky Anti-Virus (5 Mailboxes)
  •  Tomcat (It is not supported since Plesk 17.8, details)
  •  PostgreSQL (for Unix/Linux versions)
  •  MSSQL (for Windows version)
  •  Plesk Docker Remote Node Management
  •  Plesk DNSSEC
  •  Plesk WordPress Toolkit
  •  Plesk SmarterMail Remote Control (Windows only)

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