Object Storage

Object Storage service is a specialized service for storing files, backups, documents, media and suitable for web application design purposes. Object Storage helps to reduce the load on the website and increase storage capacity at the most suitable cost.



Free data transfer in

  • 250GB storage
  • Free 1TB Data transfer
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Free data transfer in

  • 500GB storage
  • Free 1TB Data transfer


Free data transfer in

  • 2TB storage
  • Free 1TB Data transfer


Free data transfer in

  • 50TB storage
  • Free 1TB Data transfer

Drag and drop data and flexible management.

Compatible with API systems like S3

Domestic server brings high data access speed

All data is encrypted and secure

Scalability and high availability

Proactively share data for a limited time

Bandwidth rules:

Why choose Object Storage at vHost?

Instantly active

You will receive service information immediately after payment is completed to vHost. Register online, pay online and receive service information in less than 30 seconds.

Free trial

vHost will support you to try the service within 7 days to check the service quality as well as the ability to meet your needs before you proceed with the payment.

Data secure

Customer data will always be stored on different hardware systems at the same time. This will ensure the highest degree of data integrity, avoiding data loss.

Free migration

vHost will assist you in transferring all services from other providers to vHost. Please send a request to the technical department for support.


Absolutely, you can use one hosting service to deploy for many different services.

Absolutely, you can point your domain’s CNAME to the root path and you can use the root path instead of the hosting service’s default path.

After using up 1TB of free Data Transfer, the service still records the amount of bandwidth used and the system will automatically generate an invoice on the first day of the following month for the cost of bandwidth you use. The cost of bandwidth is $0.012/GB.

Absolutely, through a customer account at vHost, you can monitor the capacity and bandwidth used in cycles from which you can come up with an appropriate business plan.

When connecting Object Storage and CDN services at vHost, you only need to pay the cost of CDN’s bandwidth. Bandwidth from Object Storage to CDN will be completely free.

Free trial

vHost supports a free trial before paying. You can experience to check the quality of service immediately without having to pay any other costs.

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