[hosting_header_virtual]Are you are looking for a VPS account that you intend to use for your Shared hosting upgrade service or as a replacement of your present VPS host? Looking for a place to buy the product may be tiresome and you might be working within overcrowded servers with unresponsive support and even unscheduled interruptions. Dealing with this problem is not an option, you owe to yourself and to your clients to try with our VPS Plans. [break][/break] Why us ? [tick_list]
  • We support many virtualization technology like: OpenVZ, KVM, VMWare
  • Web interface support stop/start/reboot
  • Rebuild without submit a ticket, just choose templates and click then wait 5 minutes to completes
  • 99,9% uptime
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Enterprise hardware with Dell PowerEdge and 2 x Quadcore E56xx, 64GB Ram, 6 x 900GB SAS 15K RPM Raid 6
  • Support most of operating system: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Slackware, Suse, Gentoo, Windows …
  • Datacenter at Singapore belong to the top 10 datacenter in the world
[/tick_list] [/hosting_header_virtual][break][/break][medium_last] Windows_Plans [/medium_last][break][/break][break][/break]

Operating Systems

[break][/break][info_box]Available in datacenter at Singapore Equinix and Viet Nam (VDC2)
If you are looking for custom quotes, please contact us here[/info_box][separator][/separator]

Some Features

[small] [tick_list]
  • Instant Setup
  • Manage multiple VPS from one account
  • View bandwidth usage
  • View disk usage
  • View memory usage
  • Serial console access
  • VNC access
  • Reboot
[/tick_list] [/small][small] [tick_list]
  • View network information
  • View graphs & statistics
  • Edit account details
  • Backup virtual server
  • Mount ISO images
  • Shutdown
  • Boot
  • Power off
[/tick_list] [/small][small_last] [tick_list]
  • Reinstall
  • Change hostname
  • Change root password
  • Change VNC/console password
  • Set reverse dns
  • API access
  • 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed!
  • Set main ipaddress
[/tick_list] [/small_last][separator][/separator]

Control Panel Screenshot

[break][/break] [tiny]

[icon_control_panel]Control Panel[/icon_control_panel]

Control Panel [/tiny][tiny]

[icon_control_panel]Control Panel 2[/icon_control_panel]

Control Panel [/tiny][tiny]


graphs [/tiny][tiny_last]

[icon_control_panel]Console VPS Linux[/icon_control_panel]

console vps [/tiny_last][break][/break][tiny]

[icon_cog]Console Windows[/icon_cog]

console VPS windows [/tiny][tiny]

[icon_server]Templates VPS 01[/icon_server]

templates VPS 1 [/tiny][tiny]

[icon_stats]Templates VPS 02[/icon_stats]

templates VPS 2 [/tiny][tiny_last]

[icon_control_panel]Reboot VPS[/icon_control_panel]

reboot vps [/tiny_last][break][/break][tiny]

[icon_cog]Shutdown VPS[/icon_cog]

shutdown VPS [/tiny][tiny]

[icon_server]Reload/Rebuild OS[/icon_server]

rebuild VPS [/tiny][tiny]

[icon_control_panel]Change hostname[/icon_control_panel]

change hostname vps [/tiny][tiny_last]

[icon_cog]Change root password[/icon_cog]

change root password [/tiny_last]

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