What is SSL?

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which is a global high-tech security standard creating a connection between web server and browser. This connection keeps any data that is exchanging between the web server and the browser secure and safe. SSL ensures that any data which is transmitted between web servers and browsers are private and separating. SSL is a standard technology used by millions of websites to protect online transactions between them and their customers.  

How does SSL work?

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What will happen when a computer connects to a verified website?

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How can the browser check whether a SSL is authentic or not?

When the Website sends the browser a SSL, the browser will send this certificate to a sever restoring numerical certificates which are already approved. From the technical aspect, SSL uses a public encoding. This technology help website and browser to make their own agreement (step 4 in the picture above) in which they will use a keys during the whole process of exchanging information later on. The keys changes every transaction, a person can’t encode even if they have the data from the server which restores numerical certificates.